Enabling institutional change to advance a happier, healthier world

We guide decisions to improve the wellbeing of people worldwide. The stakes could not be higher. Success hinges on transposing the global evidence base for competing interventions against the backdrop of unique historical contingencies and political realities underlying each healthcare system. Reframing the problem through a wider lens highlights potential pitfalls and points toward better alternatives.

Our white papers synthesize diverse perspectives to analyze risks, map institutional incentives, and build consensus around creative solutions that chart a strategic course for future opportunities. Through extensive consultation and high-level engagement, we help clients:

  • Unpack assumptions and consider tradeoffs to identify your comparative advantage in an evolving development landscape
  • Craft coherent policy positions drawing on interdisciplinary insights from the latest academic research as well as a broad network of expert practitioners across sectors and silos
  • Recommend investment priorities that leverage your resources for maximum impact
  • Conduct market analysis and operational risk assessment for global supply chains
  • Connect with new collaborators to forge long-term partnerships and support local champions
  • Set an agenda for future research